Oval Wooden Stamp


  • Size: 52mm by 32mm
  • Shape: oval
  • Brand: Wooden Stamp
  • Type: Manual inking stamp
  • Color: Depends on the color of the stamp pad
  • Purpose: Used to stamp documents with companies details and a place to write date and sign


Premium Oval Wooden Stamp

Introducing the Oval Wooden Stamp—your versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solution for all your stamping needs! Crafted with precision and care, this rubber stamp is designed to meet the demands of both professional and personal use. Whether you’re a business owner or simply someone who values efficiency and quality, the Oval Wooden Stamp is sure to become an indispensable tool in your arsenal.

What to expect on this Oval Wooden Stamp

  • This oval wooden stamp offers a better-quality product at an unbeatable price of only kes 400. Yes, you read that right—for just a fraction of the cost of other stamps on the market, you can own a durable and efficient Oval Wooden Stamp that will serve you faithfully for years to come.
  • This elegant oval-shaped stamp, which measures 52 x 32 mm, has a timeless yet modern design that is sure to make an impression. Because it is made of high-quality wood and radiates sophistication and elegance, stamp makers, companies, and individuals should all choose it.
  • This stamp is a powerhouse when it comes to performance. Equipped with a manual inking mechanism, it ensures smooth and consistent imprints with every press. Whether you’re stamping documents, envelopes, or any other surface, you can rely on the oval rubber stamp to deliver crisp and clear impressions, time and time again.
  • One of the standout features of this stamp is its versatility. Thanks to its compatibility with stamp pads, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your stamps to suit your preferences and branding needs. Whether you prefer traditional black ink for a professional look or vibrant colors to add a pop of personality, the choice is yours.

Why go for our Oval wooden stamp?

  • In relation to branding, the oval wooden stamp is an ideal instrument for exhibiting your business’s unique character. Enough space is provided for you to imprint your company’s details, such as name, logo, and address. This makes it a potent marketing tool that improves credibility and brand recognition. To further enhance the authenticity of your documents, the stamp has a space set aside for writing the date and your signature.
  • We at Amosnde Group Nairobi recognize the value of both affordability and quality. We’re happy to provide this premium stamp at such an amazing price because of this. With the Oval Wooden Stamp, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing affordable, high-quality stamping solutions to everyone.

In conclusion, the Oval Wooden Stamp is a must-have tool for anyone in need of a simple yet effective stamping solution. With its durable construction, versatile design, and unbeatable price, it’s a product that delivers exceptional value with every use. So why wait? Order now and experience it today with the Oval Wooden Stamp from Amosnde Group Nairobi!