Which are commonly used rubber stamps?

There are two commonly used rubber stamp which are: Ordinary Stamps and Self Inking stamps.

What is an Ordinary Rubber Stamp?

The type of stamp that requires the user to press the rubber plate onto an ink pad before transferring the imprint onto the desired surface, such as paper or cardboard.

What is a Self-Inking Rubber Stamp?

A stamp that features an integrated ink pad, eliminating the need for a separate ink pad to imprint the image on the surface.

What are the benefits of self-inking stamps compared to ordinally rubber stamps?

Self-inking stamps offer convenience and efficiency as they come with built-in ink pads that automatically re-ink after each impression, eliminating the need for separate ink pads.

What are adjustable ink stamps?

This type of stamp features an integrated adjustable date at the centre to imprint the exact date.

Why would someone use a rubber stamp?

To indicate that the document has been officially processed or approved to maintain organisation efficiency and document integrity.

How much does a stamp cost in Kenya?

Rubber stamp prices vary from Kshs 300 for ordinary wooden stamps; and from kshs 1000 for a self inking stamp. The price is determined by the type, size and complexity of the stamp.

Which stamps are commonly used by the Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths?

Self inking stamps (Round or rectangular Shape) with a place to manually write a date and sign, are the commonly used stamps by advocates and commissioners for Oaths.

Which is the best stamp for a church or School?

Oval Self inking stamps with an adjustable date are the commonly used stamps by Churches and schools.

How to adjust the date on a self inking stamp?

To set the date, turn the stamp upside down and ensure the stamp name faces you, depress it fully until the date face up, adjust the date bands from the left year, Month and date.

How to refill ink on a self Inking stamp?

Depress the stamp to the first lock, gently press the black ink pad out of the handle. At an angle, squeeze a few drops of ink onto the ink pad then insert back the cartridge to its initial position.

Where can I buy high-quality rubber stamps in Nairobi?

From stamp makers like Amosnde Group by either visiting their website or their physical shop at GMC Plaza Shop A5 Nairobi.

How long does a stamp take to make after ordering?

Arconding to amosnde Group, Rubber stamps take approximately 20 min to 30 min to customise.