Excellent Received Self ink Stamp


  • Size: 42mm by 42mm
  • Shape: Round
  • Type: Self-inking with a place to write date and sign
  • Purpose: To stamp received and a place to write date and sign
    the name of the company and address or Number available
  • Color: Blue text and black or blue casing


Excellent Received Self ink Stamp

Presenting the professionally Received Self Ink Stamp, painstakingly designed to satisfy contemporary business needs. This stamp, which is made by Amosnde Group Nairobi, is the best tool for organizing your document work flow because it is economical, dependable, and efficient. At an unbeatable price of 1500 Kenyan Shillings, this stamp provides outstanding value without sacrificing quality.

Elevate Your Business with Customizable Received Self ink Stamp

  • Designed for ease of use and versatility, the Professional Received Self Ink Stamp features a self-inking mechanism, eliminating the need for separate ink pads. Simply press down, and the stamp automatically re-inks itself, providing clear and consistent impressions every time. Customizable with your company name, address, or number, this stamp is perfect for branding and documentation purposes.
  • Measuring 42mm by 42mm, this stamp offers ample space for your personalized details, ensuring visibility and professionalism. Its round shape provides ease of handling, while the blue text against a black or blue casing adds a touch of sophistication to your stamped materials. Whether you’re imprinting invoices, delivery receipts, or correspondence, this stamp delivers crisp, legible impressions with minimal effort.

Elevate Your Business with Customizable Received Self ink Stamp

We at Amosnde Group Nairobi recognize the value of individualization and close attention to detail. Because of this, each stamp is made to your precise specifications by our skilled stamp makers. You can have your personalized stamp ready to use in no time at all, with a mere 30-minute turnaround time.

  • The Professional Received Self-Ink Stamp is an instrument for professionalism and efficiency, not just a stamp. This stamp guarantees accurate documentation and record-keeping because it has a built-in space for the date and your signature. For validating transactions and marking received items, this stamp is the ideal choice, whether you’re in the office, warehouse, or on the go.
  • Experience how the Professional Received Self-Inking Stamp can improve your workflow by making an investment in one. Stamping is simple and reliable with this self-inking model; say goodbye to messy ink pads and inconsistent stamps. Place your order with Amosnde Group Nairobi right now to start automating your document workflow.

In conclusion, the Professional Received Self-Inking Stamp is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to enhance their document workflow. With its customizable design, built-in date and signature feature, and unbeatable quality, it’s a must-have for any organization. Trust Amosnde Group Nairobi for all your stamping needs – order yours today and experience the difference firsthand!