Advocate Portable Stamp


  • Shape: Rectangle Shape
  • Size: 42mm by 18mm
  • Color: Blue writing
  • Type: Portable Self-Inking stamp with a place place to write date & sign
  • Purpose: a hand held stamp commonly used by advocates and commissioners for oaths
    customized with companies details


Learn more about Advocate portable stamp

The Advocate Portable Stamp is a compact yet powerful tool designed for legal professionals and businesses. With its sleek rectangular shape, blue writing, and self-inking mechanism, this rubber stamp allows for easy document authentication on the go. Customizable with company details and featuring a designated space for writing dates and signatures, it’s the perfect solution for advocates, notaries, and commissioners for oaths seeking efficiency and professionalism in their daily tasks. Available at Amosnde Group Nairobi for just Kes 1200, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their document authentication process.

Features of This Advocate Portable Stamp

  • This Advocate portable stamp is crafted with precision. The rubber stamp boasts a sleek rectangular shape measuring 42mm by 18mm, providing ample space for clear and concise impressions. Its striking blue writing ensures visibility and professionalism, making every stamped document stand out with authority and clarity. Whether you’re validating legal contracts, certifying true copies of originals, or imprinting company details, this stamp delivers impeccable results every time.
  • Equipped with advanced self-inking technology, this stamp offers unparalleled convenience and durability. Gone are the days of messy ink pads and cumbersome manual stamping processes. With just a simple press, the self-inking mechanism delivers crisp and consistent impressions, saving you time and effort while maintaining a pristine finish. Say goodbye to smudges, smears, and uneven imprints; the Advocate Portable Stamp guarantees flawless results with every application.
  • Versatility is key, and this stamp delivers on all fronts. Whether you’re in the courtroom, the boardroom, or the office, its portable design ensures seamless integration into your daily workflow. Carry it in your briefcase, pocket, or desk drawer for instant access whenever duty calls. Need to verify documents on the go? No problem. Simply grab your self inking stamp and authenticate with confidence, wherever you are.
  • Customization options abound, allowing you to tailor this stamp to your specific needs. Add your company name and other details for a professional touch that enhances brand visibility and credibility. Need to include the date or signature? Not a problem. With a designated space for writing, this stamp offers flexibility and adaptability to suit a variety of document authentication requirements.

Other feature for Advocate Portable Stamp

  • With the Advocate Portable Stamp, you’re in control. Empower yourself with the ability to create high-quality, customized impressions on demand. From office stamps to signature stamps, notary stamps to company stamps, this versatile tool handles it all with ease.
  • In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is paramount. Don’t let cumbersome stamping processes slow you down. Invest in the Advocate Portable Stamp and experience a revolution in document authentication. Join countless professionals who trust this indispensable tool to streamline their workflow, enhance professionalism, and save valuable time and resources.

Unlock the power of seamless document authentication with the Advocate Portable Stamp, available exclusively at Amosnde Group Nairobi for the unbelievable price of Kes 1200. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business operations and leave a lasting impression with every document you authenticate. Order yours today and experience the difference firsthand!